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Global Mobility Forum 2017

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Welcome to the 6th Global Mobility Forum (GMF) – Norway’s largest global mobility conference. GMF sets the executive agenda for expats, and is a best practice sharing space for global mobility professionals. Global mobility contributes towards global growth and innovation, and since the start in 2011 GMF has been the central meeting place in Norway to make the mobility process smoother (both in and out of Norway), and enhance Norway’s position as an attractive expat destination. We are proud to yet again partner up with KPMG for the 2017 edition of GMF.

This year we cover important topics such as:

The psychology of expatriation: With best practice sharing from the Norwegian armed forces

KPMG will present two hot topics: Base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) implications for Global Mobility AND Duty of care – why you should know where your employees are and how you should secure employee information (GDPR)

Embracing technology to transform Global Mobility – presented by ECA International

Geir Lippestad (The Vice Mayor for Business Development and Public Ownership at the City of Oslo) will launch the plans for the Oslo International House. We also offer a panel to discuss the role of Oslo International House in making the settling-in process for expats and global professionals more efficient. Svein Stølen (Rector at the Oslo University) will join the panel facilitated by INN Oslo

Expat in Norway – 2017 survey: We will present the findings from our survey – what do expats love and hate about being an expat in Norway.

Are you an expat or “global professional” (on a local contract) in Norway? Let us know how that is like fo you! Take our 5 min survey and win attractive prizes… START SURVEY


12 December 2017


Oslo - KPMG - Sørkedalsveien 6


900 NOK ex VAT

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Global Mobility Forum 2017 Program (changes may occur)


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Welcome and opening remarks by Bjørn Chr. Nørbech (Founder of Global Mobility Forum) & Cathrine Dalheim (Head of Global Mobility Services at KPMG Law Advokatfirma)


The psychology of expatriation – How do you select who should go abroad? How do you prepare, and follow up? And how do you handle the repatriation? With hands-on experiences from the Norwegian armed forces. Jøri Gytre Horverak (Psychologist – Founder and CEO Sense), Jan Heimdal (Specialist in Psychology / Section Head at Norwegian Armed Forces) and Christer Gjerstad (Military psychologist – Institutt for militærpsykiatri og stressmestring Norwegian Armed Forces)


Julegløgg/Coffee & mingle break


Expat executive presentation – The experience of living and working abroad. Presented by Carl Åge Bjørgan (Managing Director Alstom Transport Norway AS) & Shirley Landry (Head of Global Leadership & Development  at Yara International ASA)


Embracing technology to transform Global Mobility – Presented by Ema Boccagni (Head of Business Development, ECA International) and Magdalena Gobel (Global Mobility Specialist, AB SKF)




Launch of Oslo International House in 2018. Plans presented by Geir Lippestad (The city of Oslo – The Vice Mayor for Business Development and Public Ownership)


Alt 1: Best practice – Base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) implications for Global Mobility. Presented by Håkon Rakkenes (Lawyer at KPMG Law)


Alt 2: Duty of care – why you should know where your employees are and how you should secure employee information (GDPR): Presented by Per Tore Kraby Lock (Lawyer and Partner partner at KPMG Law) and Tore Njaa (Business Development Manager at International SOS)


Alt 3: Immigration and settling-in in Norway – how to make the process more efficient. Presented in collaboration with Oslo International House. With Carol Akporiaye (Global Mobility Manager at INN) and a panel with Svein Stølen (Rector at Oslo University), Toralv Moe (Senior Advisor City of Oslo), Anna-Sofie Ekendahl-Dreyer (Leader at Caritas Oslo), Carla Carsenzuola (HR Director at Kahoot!), Lorelou Desjardins (Blogger of The Frog in the Fjord, author, writer and Human Rights lawyer) and Ann Kristin Winje (Global Mobility Manager with INN /Oslo Chamber of Commerce)


Coffee break


Expats & global professionals in Norway 2017 survey – what expats in Norway love and hate. Presented by Bjørn Christian Nørbech in dialog with Anne Stavnes (Head of Office HR & Culture for Vivaldi and Innovation House), Amar Bokhari (Director of International Programmes, Save the Children Norway) and Takaaki Yoshikawa (Product Test Engineer at Vivaldi)



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Global Mobility Forum presentations will also be available for you online for on demand viewing after the event!